Why am I doing this?

Healing Childhood Trauma

I grew up in a physically and emotionally abusive family in Atlanta, Georgia. My dad was suffering from schizophrenia and my parents were struggling, both financially and emotionally. Before I turned six years old, my mom secretly left my dad and returned to her Austrian family.

She raised me and my two younger sisters in the Austrian countryside and I was trying to "be the man" in the household and protect the women I loved.

We all were deeply traumatized and heart-broken. As a highly sensitive person, I was often overwhelmed. But being raised to be "be a man", I didn't pay attention to emotions and the valuable information they contained.

My interest in healing started when my potential professional soccer career ended due to a severe knee injury. I also became open to the idea that there is more beyond the physical world. I had heard a clear voice and received clear messages not to play that day, but I gave in to the pressure to perform. I paid a price for that.

Returning To Myself

For some reasons I thought studying business administration would give me the financial resources to pay for the best therapist to help my mom heal. Fortunately, my professor was giving me such a heart time during my Master thesis that I was open to learning how to meditate. That powerful opponent gave me the incentive to meditate with discipline for hours. During a silent meditation retreat, I reached a brief state of enlightenment. But I questioned it and went back to my normal routine afterward.

I worked in Marketing, Product Management, and Sales at tech companies for about 9 years before accepting my true calling in 2018. The universe was giving me very clear signals that I wasn't on the right path. I finally surrendered. I was exhausted and bored from resisting it. 


In spring of 2018, I experienced my spiritual awakening during an Amazonian healing ceremony. It was so profound that I still haven't fully comprehended it yet. One of the messages I received was so clear that it was hilarious how I could have ignored this for so many years. HEALER. I am a healer!

I have healed from lifelong symptoms of bipolar II (childhood trauma often gets misdiagnosed as mood disorder)

I am Reiki TUMMO Master, a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and Quantum Healer with shamanic training.

We are powerful beyond our imagination. We just need to be who we TRULY are. Galactic Shamans, Wanderers, Starseeds.

Akashic Records on The Quantum Level

What we had always assumed was solid fixed matter, is actually 99.99999 energy .

Intention Affects Energy

Please note that any information on this website is metaphysical in nature. I strongly advise continuing your treatment with your doctor. Reiki and other forms of healing are NOT a substitute; please use it as an ADDITION to classical medical approaches. 

Mainstream medical professionals treat your complaint — sore throat, upset stomach, insomnia, whatever symptom or trauma brought you to this professional. Holistic Healers treat you — the person suffering from the complaint or the person who want to prevent diseases.

Skepticism about energy healing is legitimate and can be beneficial. I personally question everything. Being open-minded and curious, with the intention to learn with an open heart is essential for happiness and health.  We all have been conditioned and programmed with limiting beliefs. Since everybody's journey is different, the benefits through energy healing differ from person to person. You can watch client video testimonials on Instagram TV and Youtube.


Shamanism is the communication with consciousness beyond the physical dimension. This is very helpful for ancestral healing, past life healings, or revoking contracts with the underworld. A person with shamanic training can act as an intermediary or a messenger between the human world and the spirit worlds. 


Reiki TUMMO is channeling energy from the universe and Kundalini energy. Reiki is Japanese for vital energy from the universe and TUMMO is Tibetan for inner fire, the Kundalini. Kundalini awakening is crucial for cleansing and for advanced spiritual growth. Scientists don't know how Reiki works exactly, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until they figure it out. For example, Aspirin has had a long history as a pain reliever—2,000 years of history. But only in the 1970s did scientists begin to uncover its chemical secrets. The basic principle of Reiki is very similar to how healing works in acupuncture. The physical body usually has problems when energy gets stuck. By stimulating the energy to flow properly and working with healing crystals, the natural ability of the body to heal itself is enhanced. Reiki is often used in home energy clearings.

8th Chakra Shing Chi (The Star Energy)

Shing Chi energy is much more subtle, higher, and immediate than Reiki energy. Shing Chi allows activating the divine chakras above the Crown Chakra. It opens a channel to the higher self/spirit to unite within the Heart Chakra in order to gain a higher level of consciousness. 


  • Shing Chi spreads instantly throughout the body, whereas Reiki moves slower. Think of the speed of light (Shing Chi) compared to a cloud (Reiki).
  • The particles in Shing Chi energy are much finer and smaller, so there are less bodily sensations.
  • Reiki is channeled through the Crown Chakra (7th Chakra), whereas Shing Chi is channeled through the Divine 8th or higher Chakra.

Crystal Reiki

Quartz crystals are utilized in computers and watches. Crystals are powerful tools that have also been used for healing. Each crystal contains specific frequencies and properties. Crystal Reiki utilizes these frequencies and amplifies them through the power of Reiki energy.

Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is a method that was discovered by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Dr. Frank Kinslow almost simultaneously. What we had always assumed was solid fixed matter, is actually 99.99999 energy with 0.000001 percent matter. In that quantum reality, everything exists as waves of probability that we collapse into reality with our awareness. The Double Slit video below demonstrates the collapsing of probability waves.