Energy Healing and Coaching
Energy Healing and Coaching

Why am I doing this?

Healing Childhood Trauma

I grew up in a physically and emotionally abusive family in Atlanta, Georgia. My dad was suffering from schizophrenia and my parents were struggling, both financially and emotionally. Before I turned six years old, my mom secretly left my dad and returned to her Austrian family.

She raised me and my two younger sisters in the Austrian countryside and I was trying to "be the man" in the household and protect the women I loved.

We all were deeply traumatized and heart-broken. As a highly sensitive person, I was often overwhelmed. But being raised to be "be a man", I didn't pay attention to emotions and the valuable information they contained.

My interest in healing started when my potential professional soccer career ended due to a severe knee injury. I also became open to the idea that there is more beyond the physical world. I had heard a clear voice and received clear messages not to play that day, but I gave in to the pressure to perform. I paid a price for that.

Returning To Myself

For some reasons I thought studying business administration would give me the financial resources to pay for the best therapist to help my mom heal. Fortunately, my professor was giving me such a heart time during my Master thesis that I was open to learning how to meditate. That powerful opponent gave me the incentive to meditate with discipline for hours. During a silent meditation retreat, I reached a brief state of enlightenment. But I questioned it and went back to my normal routine afterward.

I worked in Marketing, Product Management, and Sales at tech companies for about 9 years before accepting my true calling in 2018. The universe was giving me very clear signals that I wasn't on the right path. I finally surrendered. I was exhausted and bored from resisting it. 

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In spring of 2018, I experienced my spiritual awakening during an Amazonian healing ceremony. It was so profound that I still haven't fully comprehended it yet. One of the messages I received was so clear that it was hilarious how I could have ignored this for so many years. HEALER. I am a healer!

I have healed from lifelong symptoms of bipolar II (childhood trauma often gets misdiagnosed as mood disorder)

I am Reiki TUMMO Master, a Crystal Reiki Master/Teacher and Quantum Healer with shamanic training.

We are powerful beyond our imagination. We just need to be who we TRULY are. Galactic Shamans, Wanderers, Starseeds.

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