Benefits of Energy Healing

Benefits Depend On Your Past, Current, And Future Lifestyle Habits.


Reiki helps your system find its natural balance. We all know how good it feels to be balanced. That said, balance is not a fixed state. Balance means different things to different people, and different things to the same person at different times.

Depending on your ability to release what no longer serves you, you may experience the benefits listed below. Please note that if you have developed an illness in order to learn a valuable lesson, but are still holding on to the illness in order to learn, Reiki won't interfere with that. But usually, we hold on to things longer than we need to. Let's change that!

Please drink a lot of water after your session. This helps your organs release toxins.

Benefits Of Reiki Energy Healing May Include:

  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Support and strength in dealing with suppressed emotions and traumas
  • Youth: improved skin complexion and delay of aging
  • Improved and stronger immune system
  • Increased energy levels 
  • Increased mental clarity 
  • Increased awareness of own personal needs
  • Increased ability for personal and spiritual growth 
  • A sense of calm and balance 
  • Emotional healing & stability 
  • Clearing and balancing of the seven main chakras 
  • Relief from chronic pain 
  • Support of Western medical treatments
  • Reduced back pain, tension, anxiety, and other stress-related symptoms
  • Enhanced physical, emotional and mental healing.
  • Enhanced relaxation.
  • Support in breaking of addictions to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and other substances.
  • Improved energy protection around you, others and material properties.
  • Enhanced creativity
  • Improved quality of meditation and similar practices

Possible Side Effects

If you are not ready to release energy that is trying to leave your body, it increases the low probability of one of the symptoms below. Please note that there is nothing to worry about. Your body has different ways of detoxifying. Since Reiki is unconditional love, anything that is not vibrating in the highest frequency will try to leave your system. Try to relax, breath slowly, and let the energy flow through your body. It is your system's process for removing toxicities and anything that no longer serves you.

  • Sweating
  • Feeling cold or hot
  • Flashing images of old emotions
  • Shaking, Trimmering when releasing trauma
  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM)

Possible, yet highly unlikely:

  • Hemorrhage (This is a sign that you are holding on to the past. Simply set the intention to release what no longer serves you and let go.)
  • Diarrhea

To prevent side effects, please drink a lot of water after your session. This helps your body with removing toxins.


Kelsey, San Diego, CA

“Thomas is an incredibly powerful and pure conduit for Reiki healing and I cannot recommend him enough!

Even though I was late and still walking to my destination for the first 5 minutes of our session, I felt an immediate switch in my mindset  and all anxiety was dissolved as Thomas began sending Reiki. I felt a surge of peace and love wash over me as soon as the session begun. 


I laid down on a bench in a public park for the next 40 minutes and felt completely comfortable and at home as if I were in my own living room. I was completely awash in a sea of unconditional love and peace and bliss, and I felt tension dissolving from my hips and stomach and shoulders. I could not stop smiling. I felt SO good. With my eyes closed, I began to have visuals: first some swirling color, then a few memories: some painful and some beautiful (I felt love being sent to these timelines and healing taking place) and the appearance of one spirit guide. The visuals gave way to an even deeper peace, with the perception of gentle white energy cleansing through each chakra and clearing blockages. It was like a soul shower. When I stood up, I felt buzzed and clean and physically lighter. I could feel that the tension I had been carrying for years had been released - I was able to move better and get deeper into yoga asanas than I ever had before. 


The session closes with a debrief conversation where Thomas gives you advice on next steps and (if you want) tells you what he saw/cleared in your energy field. I won’t get into what he told me since this is already pretty long, but when he told me which areas he removed blocks from I had no doubt that he was the real deal. Those parts of my body were twitching/moving/vibrating during our session, and he couldn’t have known that because this was a distance healing. 

That night, I fell asleep immediately and slept deeply for ~10 hours, which is unusual for me. I woke up still feeling peaceful, relaxed, clean, and refreshed. Tension still gone from my hips and shoulders and I feel that more was released overnight. My skin looked tighter and a blemish had done quite a lot of healing over night.  

I really cant believe how good and happy I feel, and I can’t wait for my next session. Thank you Thomas! “