Empath, Step Into Your Power!

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Only the strong are sensitive because others couldn't handle the burden of this gift.

I am here to guide you on your healing journey. Empathy is an amazing gift once you know how to use your incredibly powerful ability.

As empaths, we often are challenged with sensory overload. We feel other people's emotions. Often times we don't know how to protect ourselves or set healthy boundaries. And when we finally set boundaries, other people have challenges adapting to our new healthy way of being.


You care about others, which is a noble trait. What happens if you care about them more than they care about themselves? You are taking on their tasks, and their tasks are not yours. Your task is to know when to unplug.

How do you care about others? Do you feel their pain and can't stand seeing them suffer? Or do you accept their path and what they are going through? Instead of trying to help them feel better are you holding space for them so they can process and learn things in their own unique way?

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.” —Albert Einstein.

There is much more I need to share with you. But before I do that:

  1. I need to know that you are ready to take 100% for your healing.
  2. I need to know that you are sick and tired of playing the victim.
  3. I need to know that you want to find the courage to lovingly accept your shadow, those parts of yourself that you don't like (yet).

If you want to stay the same and do things the same way, this Masterclass is NOT for you. I accept that I cannot help someone who is holding on to their past. I respect YOUR time and I respect MY time too much.

This Empathy Masterclass IS for you if:

  1. You are willing to look at EVERYTHING with an open heart and an open mind.
  2. You are using a lot of your energy managing your own AND other people's emotions.
  3. You know that you are here to do something great and you need ALL your energy to accomplish your ambitious goals.
  4. You are sick and tired of repeating the same life lessons.
  5. You want to stop attracting narcissists and you are looking forward to attracting nurturing relationships.

Energy Coach Thomas Thornton healed himself from bipolar II disorder by turning empathy into a gift.

Energy Coach Thomas Thornton healed himself from bipolar II disorder by turning empathy into a gift.

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"I'm grateful that i got to meet Thomas, he helped me get over a bad breakup and helped me with my stomach pain and many other issues that i'm dealing with at the moment. My first session with him was so powerful that i ended up crying for hours, i could feel the pain and trauma leaving my body "

Nadia, remote healing client from New York