Energy Healing and Coaching
Energy Healing and Coaching

What is Home Energy Clearing?

Your home's energy is connected to you.  If you are in your own home during the remote healing session,  we will clear your home's energy as well. Improve your environment. Improve your well-being.


Energy Healing and Coaching requires that you take 100% responsibility for your healing and growth progress. Any information I provide is metaphysical in nature.  You can heal if you want to heal. Energy Healing is not meant to replace conventional medicine, but rather to complement and enhance it. I strongly advise continuing your treatment with your doctor.

If something is holding you back from booking a session, notice and explore it. Maybe I am not the right healer for you. Or maybe a part of you is afraid that you will have a major breakthrough; so it is trying to sabotage your breakthrough. You know the answer by going within.

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